Garrosh Hellscream battled The Once-ler, Aku, T. E. Lawrence, Remy LeBeau and Julian Robotnik in Moleman's Epic Rap Battles News. He was voiced by Joseph Sylvers.

Information on the RapperEdit



Get… off… my… TRACK!

Prepare to scream like Hell; Grom's son's laying devastation!

I'm Warchief of the True Horde, and true host of this presentation,

With a true warrior's heart and, failing that, an ancient monster's!

You're a Thrall to your wack family like your movie to its sponsors:

Shilling Mazda was as damning of a deal as fiend-blood-drinking;

Thus, I intervene with this offensive Warsong I be singing!

This is mic-Mak'gora, yo, and though my words have not been poisoned,

Of your goring when I howl them, there can still be no avoidance!

I'm the orc-supreme, so suck it, Azog; you too, Ironhide!

Go lift yourself away; become a shaman. I'll fill in as guide

To the next expansion of the rapping-craft world,

Featuring child-eaters, lesbians and dead Russian girls;

Moleman's left naught a Blank Space on his invite list!

Now, I'll say this just once, Once-ler; YOU ARE DISMISSED!

…Ugh… where are we; what year is it?

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