Gabriel Belmont battled Siegfried Schtauffen in Siegfried Schtauffen Vs. Arthas Menethil. He was voiced by guitarist and two time guest star Dave Navarro.

Information on the RapperEdit

Gabriel Belmont is the central character of the Lords of Shadow saga, a reimagining of the larger Castlevania series. Starting as a holy warrior, he is revealed at the end of the first game as the LoS version of Dracula, the traditional main villain of all the Castlevania games. However, while the original Castlevanian Dracula is a pure villain, Gabriel Belmont is a far more complex character even after his transformation, while the true villain of the Lords of Shadow universe is none other than Satan himself.


So, the big, bad Lich is gonna take a little nap?

Used to do that sort of thing, but now I'm over that crap,

And so I'm here, wide–awake and fully–focused; check my gauge.

Out from shadows, book in hand, and verses swarming off the page!

Laying siege upon the stage; Prince of Darkness in the groove,

Bloody Tears and Void and Chaos all incarnate in my moves!

Watch me Whip It, good as Ivy; even better still than Devo.

Feel my hatred, more than likely to defile your cathedral.

I'm a lash–and–flailing, titan–scaling creature of the night;

Tell a "righteous" prick just how it is, then go in for the bite!

A persistent thorn in sides, like Chupacabras causing trouble;

Carmilla, for instance, knows how wont I am to bursting bubbles.

Ever–dangerous to Pantheons; at times, it's hard to fathom:

Like Agreus, without a bell to chime for getting past him.

What I've known and seen and done will leave a hardened soldier crying;

Even prone to stabbing folks in Reverie, not even trying!

Mirror of Fate says: abandon all hope of besting me;

You may be He Who Fights the Past, but there's no fighting destiny.

I'd let you ask my son Trevor, but he's busy with romance;

Working on your girlfriend Hilde with his lycanthropic lance!

Next to my tormented soul, you're but a whiny emo wanker;

Seen more heartstring–tugging pathos in the plays of Toy Maker.

And that truly is a sword of God: it's going to betray you.

You're its chosen sorry sod to crystal–freeze the world like grey goo!

It's true, I've murdered families here and there, but don't be hating,

'Cause I got my act together, and I did the same to Satan.

I'm Dracula, spectacular; undying in my advantage!

You're as miserable a secret–pile as any mortal man is!


  • First third party rapper to only battle one person.
  • With 28 lines, his verse is the single longest in MERB to date.
  • He is the first character to be voiced by a real celebrity, the second being Commander Shepard, also voiced by Dave Navarro, who will likely remain the only such famous person in MERB's cast.

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