Fritz the Cat battled Don Bluth, Mrs. Brisby, Charlie Barkin and Anastasia alongside Ralph Bakshi and Avatar the Wizard in Ralph Bakshi Vs Don Bluth. He was voiced by Griffin Oldenkamp.

Information on the rapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Time to buckle down for once; I won't be bugging out, my homie,

When I join in your revolt against this thick-skulled pussy-phony!

Sorry, wishful-thinking mice: America has many cats,

But not one other's quite the superstar that Fritz is; that's a fact!

Among all indie cartoon flicks, none's gross or grossness has been higher;

Pushed the envelope? I set the goddamn P.O. box on fire!

A far-out, revolutionary poet who'll torment your soul,

I've battled many a good man, but you ain't one of them, asshole!

And he don't mean Weird Al's take, either!

Verse 2:Edit

Also: what did you make Time Warp on? I'd pay to try that crap

A ballsy man…

Verse 3:Edit

What kind of hypocrite would make that, then call out my not being dead?

Heh, real fucking intellectual…


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