Flandre Scarlet battled Godzilla and Anguirus alongside Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame in Reimu Hakurei Vs Godzilla. She was voiced by Al Williams in her MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit



The name's Doctor F–L–A–N Dre!

Basement's unlocked, now I'm out to play,

Like the Warriors, and I, too, am an army of the night;

Take you through the Extra Stage, then to your burial site!

I'm bringing one wicked case of Scarlet Fever,

And I'm not talking 'bout Cee Lo's girls, either.

Sister of the bloody Devil, bloodier than Bloody Mary,

And I'll blast you with the strength of ten entire militaries!

It's curtains for you when I open curtain fire;

Raining danmaku on Monsterland until it's but a pyre.

Nowhere to run; no water body can hide you,

When this Scarlet Witch says "No more kaiju."

You'll go flying backwards, not propelled by your breath,

But from my tension–crushing psychic hand–squeeze of death!

Can't mistake it, even when I'm going Four–of–a–Kind:

There's no vampiress more volatile in all of design.

When my rhymes set this whole place ablaze,

Even Reimu won't leave with her face ungrazed;

I murdered Loki, stole his sword,

Caused Ragnarok, and did it 'cause I was bored!

Only in one game, 'cause I'm so OP,

But without me, the rest feel so empty,

And F.Y.I., Aggie Christie:

You dropped the ball; U.N. Owen was ME!

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