Elmo backed up Big Bird against Winnie the Pooh and Piglet in Big Bird Vs. Winnie the Pooh. He was voiced by David Ohlsen in his MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit

Elmo is a Muppet character on the long-running children's educational program Sesame Street. Despite not being added to the show's cast until many years into its run and in fact being a nondescript background character in his earliest appearances, Elmo is the series' most recognizable character, rivaled only by Big Bird, the original star. A fuzzy red monster with the mind of a small child, Elmo is known for his silly, high-pitched voice, his use of third-person while speaking and his supposedly great imagination. He hosts a lengthy segment called "Elmo's World" at the end of each episode and starred with title billing in the theatrical film Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland. Elmo was performed by Kevin Clash until 2012 when he left due to child sex abuse allegations, and did not return even after they were disproven, though Elmo still appears with a new actor.


Uh–oh! Who wants to die?

If you can call for backup, then by Henson, so can we,

And of the people in our neighborhood, the best is me.

'Til now, everyone watching has been waiting for Elmo.

Did you really think they'd make this thing without me? Hell, no!

Ever since I came along, half the show's been about me.

I've got living furniture and the drawer from Bruce Almighty!

I'm cuddling backstage with hot, cold chicks like Katy Perry,

While you two are more obviously gay than Bert and Ernie!

Kids, can you guess what Elmo is thinking about today?

Congrats if you said "ways he can make these losers go away"!

I'll vandalize the felt you call your flesh with my crayons,

Then dump you in the trash and leave you stranded in Grouchland!

Or, I could call up some of my monster friends, so furry and happy,

Beat youup, then have you turned to frogs by Abby!

And here's a threat scarier than any Heffalump or Woozle:

I'll tie you up and leave you both alone with Mr. Noodle!

In any case, suffice to say: I'll do more than just tickle you.

I'll let my likeness here finish:

Talking Elmo Doll: KILL… POOH!


  • First and so far only rapper to have a "clone" of themselves finish a line for them.

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