Dot Warner battled Ed, Edd and Eddy alongside her brothers Wakko Warner and Yakko Warner in Eds Vs. Warners. She was voiced byAnna Valenzuela.

Information on the RapperEdit

Dot Warner is one of the many characters on te popular animated comity series Animiacs. She was voiced by Tress McNeall.


Verse 1:Edit

Yo, take a sticky note of this:

Like the street you call your home, it's only leading to a dead end!

In this corner: Warner sister with a poem to recite;

Wouldn't service Prince, but I'll lay more than fingers on you when we fight!

You haven't misaddressed me once, but still I'll send you to your maker:

Your big bro's abuse was tame next to my literal jaw-breaker!

When you attempt to learn, you butcher space and time and eat the sun!

Verse 2:Edit

Let's blow the roof clean off this joint like Katie on her period!

How can you scare us, when your own girlfriends send shivers through your bones?

What's your theme of whistles next to any one of Rita's numbers?

Verse 3:Edit

You're less likely to succeed than Brain and Pinky's global shakeups.

Even Mindy ain't as savvy when it comes to pushing Buttons.

Just like our old pal Buddy, we'll put you clowns down and out for good.

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