Don Bluth battled Ralph Bakshi, Fritz the Cat and Avatar the Wizard alongside Mrs. Brisby, Charlie Barkin and Anastasia in Ralph Bakshi Vs Don Bluth. He was voiced by Rod Rhodes in his MERB debut.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Let me Kickstart this confrontation, skipping past all formal nonsense;

Waste less time bush-beating than you took to show a hippo's Johnson:

I stuck it to Disney hard, inspiring their return to form,

While you inspired Ren and Stimpy's adult show, plus furry porn!

Bankruptcy couldn't keep this good Don down, you perverted, racist slob;

You're stoned as any troll queen's victims if you think you'll do the job!

I bring choice tales to life, from B.C. times to After Earth's destroyed,

So tell your freaky Doodle friends that I'm one 'Noid they'd best avoid!

I've got a master plan to which not even Jenner'd raise objection,

And for once, I won't let any execs muck with those intentions.

Dusting cels at Terrytoons is where you should have stayed for life:

Just think how Crumby your career would be if not for Robert's wife!

There'll be no tacked-on happy end to what I'll put you through today,

So disregard what you were told by Xanadu and walk away!

As sharp as any T-rex chompers while attacking microphones,

This here's one Don more liable to piss you off than Corleone!

Verse 2:Edit

Listen here now, Rotoscope-It Ralph: don't charge me with shark-jumping,

'Cause it's clear that you and Mighty Mouse have both been snorting something.

Oh, and while on the subject of mice, I've brought a friend along,

So let me just stare at you for a bit while she takes up this song:

Gobbling chump cartoonists up like quarters by my game machines,

I'll push more of your buttons than it takes to get Dirk through a scene!

Each insult in my pool of disses is heart-stopping as Duke's death is;

Seeing this battle to its finish!

Verse 3:Edit

Your brain must be on the Fritz!

Man, how he's even still alive is a Schrodinger-worthy question;

Either way, methinks this calls for some angelic intervention

The bottom line is: you go too damn far

While your bars are cheaply-cobbled as your stint with Sixties Spidey!

It won't turn out to be just a daydream when I blow your mind

Until you're gone with naught a trace, and only photos left behind!

Verse 4:Edit


Relax, my pretties, for my secret comeback weapon's primed to go;

Bakshi, beware: she'll whoop, ka-pow, hi-yah, and kick your ass, sir!

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