Death battled many other incarnations of Death in Death Vs. Death. He was voiced by James Raul Navarro.

Infromation on the RapperEdit

Death is the main antagonist of the 1957 Swedish black-and-white film The Seventh Seal directed by arthouse filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. The character was played by Bengt Ekerot and appears as a monk-like figure dressed in all black. He roams a medieval Europe ravaged by the Black Plague and the ongoing Crudades (incorrectly portrayed as happening around the same time) claiming the souls of doomed men, such as knight and war veteran Antonius Block, who when confronted by Death challenges him to a game of chess to forestall his demise. Though knowing he cannot actually win the match and save himself, Block does manage to save some of the supporting characters by knocking over chess pieces to distract Death while they escape shortly before being checkmated and claimed by him.

This Death is arguably the most famous such figure in all of film, and has been parodied along with his board game motif many times, most notably Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey where the title characters defeat him in several modern, commercial board games such as Battleship and Twister.


You may say your deeds are meaningful, but I'd say you're a failure:

Half your ticket sales were only for a Star Wars prequel trailer!

As for me, I'm artful as they come; it's plain as black-and-white,

And like the Plague all over Europe, I shall prove your greatest blight!

When I set on my rap-crusade, you're all checkmated, end of story:

I'm the classic king of reaping, and you're barely pawns before me.

Revelation time: you're idiotic as a group of flagellants;

Could smite you to the sound of trumpets using just my flatulence!

I'll cut you down like trees: I'm not afraid to get medieval;

Can't be Blocked from conquest this time with some cheap chess piece-upheaval.

Granting no escapes, I ruin dinner parties with my presence:

Spit sweet Swedish speech so shocking, silence falls way up in Heaven!

I've inspired endless spoofs, from Bill & Ted to Animaniacs;

I'll claim your souls and force them all to join me in some zany danse!

You've not a chance; I'll counter every strategy you hatch.

God isn't here for you, and so I take the day: game, set and match!


  • He is the second character to come solely from a black-and-white media source, after Mister Ed.

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