Death battled many other Deaths in Death Vs. Death. He was voiced by David Ohlsen.

Information on the RapperEdit

Death is a recurring character on the long-running fantasy-adventure television series Supernatural. Appearing as a gaunt, slender elder, he is one of the, if not the, most powerful entities in the show's universe which draws from just about every mythology imaginable, and even rivals God himself whom he claims he will reap at the end of time. Death's onscreen debut is widely considered one of the series' most famous and memorable scenes, and in his first appearances story-wise, he was being forced to serve major antagonist Lucifer, though when not being manipulated he is mostly a neutral character. As with many other versions of Death, he is also a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, though instead of an actual horse he drives a pale car nowadays.

Despite being Death itself, he is eventually killed with his own scythe by Dean Winchester at the end of Season 10.


Oh, get back to your domain; those lines fell flatter than your planet.

It’s Two Minutes To Midnight on all your clocks; you’d better panic!

Slender man ten times more terrifying than Slender Man, for real:

You’re all bacteria before me! You know not with what you deal.

Lucifer’s in his cage, but still I’m dishing out the violence:

Skill vaster than my age, I spit rhymes vicious as Leviathans!

I’m Super-Supernatural; not even God is safe from I.

Bump into me, you’ll say you’re sorry, or prepare to say “BUH*BYE”!

I’m always making scenes, from Sioux Falls to pizzeria restaurants;

The only men to cheat me more than once are those Winchester punks!

Precipitating storms with but a twiddle of the pinky;

Watch me rev my Eldorado up and run right over Binky!

My true form exceeds our budget, but my raps all come unfiltered;

Yours are trashy as my eating habits: ever-out-of-kilter.

You belong on Cartoon Network; I'm the Reaper all should fear!

My name is Death, and all you losers best believe the end is here!


  • He is the first fictional character to be canonically killed off within his native series subsequent to being featured in MERB.

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