Death, or "Joe Black", is a rapper in Death Vs. Death. He is the sixth rapper and the fifth party in the battle, entering after Death (Supernatural) and preceding Death (The Seventh Seal). He was voiced by WrightOnTarget.

Information on the Rapper:

Joe Black is an incarnation of the entity of Death who was portrayed by Brad Pitt in the film Meet Joe Black. He takes an unprecedented interest in the dealings and pathos of billionaire businessman Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), who is scheduled to die soon, and decides to learn more about what being human is like from him, to this end inhabiting the body of a young man who has just been killed in a freak double-car-collision and in said form offering Parrish a stay from death as long as he guides and provides for him in his endeavor in humanity. Taking the name "Joe Black", Death begins developing feelings for Parrish's daughter Susan, who had in fact been flirting with the person whose body he is inhabiting immediately before his accident. By the end of the three-hour film, "Joe" helps stop a plan by a treacherous employee to undermine and sell Parrish's business, and knowing his enterprise is saved Parrish goes with Death peacefully on the night of his own birthday, while Death, upon departing, brings his host back to life and control of his body so he can be with Susan.



Not so fast, old man; let me address the question in your heads:

“Am I going to get upstaged?” To that, the answer is a “Yes!”

Don’t try to Pitt yourselves against me; Mr. Joe Black is a boss,

And it won’t take three hours this time just to get my point across!

I’ll soon see to it that you Parrish, and take over all your business:

Roast you with the lyrics smooth as peanut butter; they’re delicious!

Never Taking Holidays from honing how I rock a mic,

And when I step up, always know that lightning’s guaranteed to strike!

This hunky body may be borrowed, but my rhymes are funky-fresh;

They’ll end your whole careers like Gigli did to poor old Martin Brest.

Like two successive car-collisions, better trust I’ll leave you hurting:

Barring meeting me and taxes, nothing else in life’s as certain.


...But then you told us all to meet up here at Soundstage Five instead...


  • First fifth party rapper in a battle