Death (Marvel) A.K.A. "Lady Death" or "Mistress Death", rapped in Death Vs. Death against Death (DC) and was later backed up by Thanos. She was voiced by Toby Navarro.

Information on the Rapper:

Death, sometimes called Mistress Death, is the incarnation of death in the Marvel Universe. She has a suitor in Thanos, whose fanatical love for her is largely unrequited, and occasionally has a comically more wanted romantic interest with Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool. Death usually appears as a typical skeletal reaper, but occasionally takes on a beautiful, pale woman's form. She is one of the more malevolent incarnations of Death out there, as she generally encourages Thanos' acts of slaughter in her name yet never lastingly accepts him as a lover for them (though his failure to get with her is sometimes for contrived reasons). She does have standards, however, such as her disgust towards a death-worshipping, indiscriminately near-omnicidal deity named Walker from a distant galaxy, who was portrayed as an even worse person than Thanos. She is also very much a necessary evil, however, as the universe requires the existence of a being such as her for the phenomenon of death to exist at all, demonstrated in a recent story featuring a "Cancerverse" where death has been permanently eliminated causing the cosmos to be overrun by horrific Lovecraftian creatures called the Many-Angled Ones and everyone else to mutate into zombie-like monstrosities.


Verse 1:

Let Death arrest her customary silence for a spell

To drop omniscient lyrics deeper than the annals of my Well:

You're lost in deep Delirium; mad as a titan's hopeless courting.

I'm the empress of the end; you're as legit as Emperor Norton!

They say War Is Hell, but it hath not a fury close to mine;

I'll send you to Oblivion with Cosmic Power most divine!

Ensnare you like a Crowley wannabe with no mistake of target;

When you mess with Lady Death, she strikes with Adamantine hardness!

Watch mortality incarnate wreck an eldritch Marcia Brady;

Any Cancer of a wretch who steps to Death's Beyonder-Crazy!

Bring your siblings all along to aid in challenging my mantle,

For your Seven Ds are less a threat to me than Disney Channel's!

Inescapable as gravity, and twice as harsh a mistress;

Doesn't take your Dead Boy buddies to Detect which Death'll win this.

Go consult your older brother's book, and find it's quite confirmable:

Your effort's doomed as Captain Mar-Vell; diagnosis terminal!

Verse 2:

Giving ultimatums, are we, pasty punk? You're off your rocker;

Full of Rot, and tactless as that omnicidal sicko, Walker.

Still, it's high time for a change, so don't you think my aura fazed

As I once more resume my silence while my champion takes the stage...


  • She is the only Death of the first seven in the battle to not have a line during the interlude preceding William Bludworth's appearance, Thanos instead speaking for her side there.