Death battled all the other Deaths, only to be stopped from destroying them by Jesus Christ, in Death Vs. Death. His appearance was preceded by a short verse by his de facto minion William Bludworth. He was voiced by CheatsyThePimp.

Information on the Rapper

Death is the central, unstoppable antagonist of the Final Destination exploitation horror films. Unlike other popular incarnations of Death, this Death not only actively causes all unnatural and violent death, up to and including child death and senseless murder, but aggressively pursues anyone he has wanted to die who has somehow escaped to see to it that they die horrifically. Each film in the series begins with a character having a premonition of themselves and many others dying in a large accident, such as a plane crash, announcing this to the others present, and escaping said accident with a handful of others who are convinced to back out of the venue where it occurs. Death then proceeds to cause more accidents that brutally kill off the "survivors" one by one, and always succeeds in offing them all; even if another premonition is experienced and an attempt on a victim's life averted, they will simply be killed in yet another "accident" later. Basically, this Death is a sadistic child with the power of God, and the entire franchise is little more than an excuse to showcase bloody death scenes without an actual physical killer.


There’s been a rift in my design, and so it’s time again to play;

I take my time and make it bloody while I’m snuffing out my prey!

I ain’t no force of nature’s balance or some pretty emo girl:

This Death’s the sickest, most vindictive S.O.B. in any world!

This battle’s doing a 180 when I’m added to the mix;

I’ll even channel Reuben Goldberg carrying out my fatal tricks.

The North Bay Bridge collapse was tame compared to how I’ll leave your skulls!

None ever win my twisted game; I don’t play by the rules at all.

Throwing wrenches in your plans; you’re never in the Clear from me!

I’ll take a deadly dump on you like logs on Highway 23.

The whole environment’s my box of tools for your annihilation:

No escapes, Death only, Final fucking Destination!


  • As Death has no official physical form whatsoever, he is visually represented here as "The Rotten", a boss from Dark Souls 2.
  • He is considered to be tied with AM for the designation of being the second-most evil character in the series, behind Big Brother.