Death battled Death, Death and Thanos in Death Vs. Death as the battle's first third-party character. He was voiced by WrightOnTarget.

Information on the Rapper

Death is one of the main characters of the Discworld novel series by Terry Pratchett. He appears in nearly every book of the series, but is only a main protagonist in a handful of them, most notably Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music and Hogfather. Appearing as a stereotypical skeletal Grim Reaper, Death is the personification and overseer of his namesake phenomenon within the realm of Discworld and there alone, being merely a servant of the universal death deity, Azrael. While efficient at carrying out what he formally refers to as his "Duty", Death is a relatively sympathetic character for such a figure, supporting mankind's progress and continued thriving as a species and frequently being at odds with the malevolently hyper-logical beings known as the Auditors of Reality, who hate humans and other sentient mortal beings for being too unruly and once tried to replace him with a far more malevolent "New Death". Death has several pets and other associates, including Binky the horse, Quoth the raven, the rodent "Death of Rats", his manservant Albert who became bound to his side as a result of botching a ritual to give himself standard immortality, and adoptive family members Mort, Ysabell and Susan Sto Helit.



Main Verse

That's enough of Mr. Purple People-Killer; shift the view to me:

I fought the Auditors, but now I'm bringing on the scrutiny.

A righteous Reaper Man who you'd do well not to offend,

Because you rodents couldn't even match my squeaky little friend!

No Rite of AshkEnte in effect; attendant of my own accord.

I'll reap you all as lowly peasants; you're unworthy of my sword!

Regardless whether you believe in me, I'll always be the realest,

And I pimp-smack punks so hard, even their unborn children feel it!

It's all Bad Omens for gothy here; poor Girl's out of her Element.

I'll crush her with the full force of four planet-carrying elephants,

Then Ultimately Nullify this other poser's smugness,

Right before destroying her boyfriend like my name was Arthur Douglas!

Well, my wit is like my Duty's instruments: sharp as can be,

And even Azrael agrees there can be no replacing me.

Your books are nearly finished; sands are dwindling in your hourglasses.

I'm the only justice here, so keep a Hogs-watch on your asses!


Soundstage Four? That sounds familiar.


  • He is the lucky 100th character.
  • Most unluckily, however, his creator (Terry Pratchett) AND actor (Christopher Lee) have both since passed away, making this Death the first and so far only character of whom any real-life personnel have died following their MERB use, let alone two.