Death battled many other Deaths in Death Vs. Death. He was voiced by EpicJones1.

Information on the RapperEdit

Death is the main character of the video game Darksiders 2. He is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and belongs to a race called the Nephilim, the rest of whom he, along with the other Horsemen, participated in wiping out. He is a humanoid with skin, but always wears a featureless skeletal mask that hides his face, and has two pets: the crow Dust and the skeletal horse Despair. Throughout the game, Death must undergo a quest spanning multiple realms including the heavens, the underworld and more with the goal of both saving his imprisoned brother War and bringing humanity back from extinction following the Apocalypse.


You won't when you behold this mighty rider on an Ashen Horse,

Despairing as the The Seventh Seal is overtaken by the fourth!

Kinslayer of the Nephilim, I forge Apocalyptic verses;

Saved humanity, but once I've dealt with you, I won't reverse it!

I drop shadow-bombs and zap away your lyrical Corruption;

Like the Dead Lords called to court, you're all in for abrupt destruction.

Time to meet your Makers; I've a Death Grip on this rhythm's beating:

Slaying you with possessed weapons, which your souls will soon be feeding!

Don't you go to War with me; my Fury's sure of bringing Strife.

Scale every wall, walk every void; the Arcane skill in me is rife!

You'll lose yourselves within my words, deep as the labyrinth of the Arbiter.

I'll reap you all in one fell swoop just like a combine harvester!

I'm Vigilant yet visceral while letting loose my Wrath;

Step to this Crucible prizefighter, you won't see the Aftermath!

You gnomes are Mad as Joe to take me on! There's no way I'll be bested,

'Cause your raps are for the birds, so Dust, show them to the exit.

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