Dash Parr battled Gregorio Cortez, Juni Cortez, Carmen Cortez, Ingrid Cortez, Machete and Syndrome alongside Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr and Jack-Jack Parr in Parr Family Vs. Cortez Family. He was voiced by Henry Navarro.

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

Likewise with my skill on tracks and mics; I'm known for blazing both,

And I'll be taking first place, sure as Violet's taste for Tony-loaf!

And speed enough to melt your brains until you're speaking Fooglie-ese!

We'll take whatever heat you bring, with or without our uniforms.

Verse 2:Edit

Alas, Rodriguez pressed "Continue"…

Endowed with excellence that even Juni's voice can't replicate!

and that's not a euphemism!

We're tougher than your robot doubles

Birdie's greatest giants, stomping out green-screen-abusing rodents!

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