Big Bird battled Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger alongside Elmo and Cookie Monster in Big Bird Vs. Winnie the Pooh. He was voiced by Molemanninethousand.

Information on the RapperEdit

Big Bird is the main costume character on the children's educational program Sesame Street. He has been played throughout the series' entire run by Caroll Spinney. Though initially conceived as an ageless "village idiot"-type character, Big Bird was later repurposed as having the mind of a small child, something that remains easy to forget due to his large size. He was at the center of Sesame Street's first full-length motion picture, Follow That Bird, in which he feels like an outcast and embarks on a cross-country adventure to find a new home where he truly belongs, only to realize at the end that Sesame Street really is his true home. However, Big Bird's most poignant moment is and always will be when he, along with many young children at home, learned about and came to terms with death from the passing (due to real-life actor death) of his best human friend Mr. Hooper.


This battle's being brought to you by the letter "B",

As in "B.B.", like Big Bird, which would be me!

And like in "Follow That Bird", I'm out on a mission:

Breaking you like I broke into public television!

You may be older and even more classic than me, Pooh Bear,

But I'll make your rhymes fall flat and drop dead like Mr. Hooper!

Mine will fly under your Radar, and knock you down like Eeyore's house.

I'm normally nice, but now I'm going full–out Oscar the Grouch!

Nonstop since 1969, I've been entertaining kids.

I spit sick words like "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"!

Don't need help to beat your stuffing out, so Snuffy, begone.

My jibes are simple, but they'll haunt you your whole life long!

I've got a star on the Walk of Fame; you're a bear of very little brain.

Beating me will be more impossible than your Home Run Derby game!

If you weren't just a fluff–filled doll, I'd say I'd make you bleed.

I teach children literacy, but you can barely even read!

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