Ben Tennyson rapped against Avatar Aang, Zuko and Avatar Korra in Avatar Aang Vs. Ben Tennyson. He was voiced by Molemanninethousand.

Information on the Rapper

Ben Tennyson or Ben 10 is the lead protagonist in the eponymous Cartoon Network franchise created by "Man of Action". He was an ordinary ten–year–old boy until he found the Omnitrix, a symbiotic wristwatch–like alien device that allows him to transform into any one of (initially) ten alien "superheroes". Numerous additional aliens are later added to the mix as it is eventually revealed, among other drastic retcons (including Ben's grandfather Max being part of a Men–In–Black–like organization born as the "Plumbers" and his cousin Gwen being half–alien and having innate magical powers) that the Omnitrix has the potential to mimic the DNA any creature in the universe, and the number "10" loses all relevance. There are currently four different Ben 10 series, and the title character is now an older teenager. Live–action TV movies have also been produced, along with countless pieces of merchandise.


Verse 1:

I see you've taken several levels in badass Cailou

But no Upgrade will Greymatter when I go Heatblast and fry you

Your head is full of air, I've got a head of solid diamond

I'll make a bigger joke of you than the folks at Ember Island

When I butcher you like phrases by your long-lost brother Omi

Steal all your fans away, except the rabid fools like foamy

Sink you down more deeply than the HMS Zutara

Beat you so bad, and if that doesn't break your samsara

It will still take you your next ten reincarnations

To rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation

I'm the Protector of Earth, with a Ghostfreaking Omnitrix

Your best gadget is a giant paper fan inside a stick

Which you should use right now to go Stinkfly away and hide

Like you did, or rather tried during your people's genocide

You nomad bro? Come on, there's no need to hate

Just because I'll beat you ten times faster than XLR8

And more effortlessly than your Xbox game achievements

Think you'll best all my heroes with your puny elements

Newsflash, not only is ten greater than four

It's also an understatement, I've got dozens more

I'll Armadrillo through you like the walls of Ba Sing Se

And steal your face, name and title when I take your DNA

So call me Koh, or better yet James Cameron

Either way I'll twist your ass worse than M Night Shyamalan

When I tear those tattoos of yours clean off your body

Then grab myself a real arrow, and shove it into your knee

Verse 2:

Then everything changed when I attacked back

Because I'm a real Man of Action with the powers you lack

Like staying power, stamina to rap a whole decathlon

I'm on my fourth freaking series and still going strong

I've sold more toys than any teenage boy since Ash Ketchum

Bring your whole gang along, I'll decimate 'em and then some

Four Arms'll sock Sokka so hard he'll go flying up into space

Reunite with his girlfriend and leave a crater in her face

While Humungosaur stomps Momo out like Bambi meets Godzilla

And Big Chill freezes your girl like she did to Azula

Before I smack the hope out of her, no not you Charmcaster

Traumatically beating her to the sound of Spongebob's laughter

And as for that blind chick I'll crush her fair and square

When Wildmutt mauls her like a Platypus bear

Verse 3:

DIE, you crazy sonuva bitch

Goodbye and good riddance

Hey, announcer, you forgot the who one thing

What's going on, what's going on

What! Who?

Um... I have literally no idea what to say

I don't even know who this chick is

So yeah, I've got nothing. Shit.

Verse 4:

Oh yeah?

Well, I've still got a few trix up my sleeve;

You struggle just to be the leaf, I can be anything I please!


  • Sixth Cartoon Network character to rap in the series, after Nigel Uno, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles and Clay Puppington.
  • He is the first rapper to have drastically fewer total lines than his opponent(s), also more–so than any other since.
  • He is the first rapper to face three opponents without any proper assistance.