Avatar the Wizard battled Don Bluth, Mrs. Brisby, Charlie Barkin and Anastasia alongside Ralph Bakshi and Fritz the Cat in Ralph Bakshi Vs Don Bluth. He was voiced byFrancisco G..

Information on the RapperEdit



Verse 1:Edit

It's time to shift away from urban life and toward the more fantastic;

The O.G. post-cataclysmic wizard's here to sow some magic:

Bending more than just four elements' worth as I Scortch this mic,

I'll make your whole crap kingdom crumble like my brother's wack Fourth Reich,

But it won't take three million years to tell that Ralph's will never fade!

You'd best believe that I'm for real, unlike when Elinore betrayed.

My sleeve holds quite the nasty trick that's sure to knock you off your throne,

Namely: a Luger, aimed straight at your heart; eat yours out, Indy Jones.

A man chock-full of vision!

Verse 2:Edit

You're welcome, now; no need for thanks.

Truth be told, it made me laugh


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