Astro Boy appeared in Sally Acorn Vs. Mega Man 2 after Mega Man called on him for help against Sally Acorn. However, he shows no respect towards and looks down on Mega Man upon his entrance, and mostly functions as an independent rapper. His part was immediately followed by the entrance of Geno. He was voiced by Paul Bergen.

Information on the Rapper

Astro Boy, created by Osamu Tezuka, is the protagonist of several different manga and anime series including movies, most often eponymous. He is a sentient robot created by one Doctor Tenma as a replacement for his dead son, Tobio, but later rejected by his "father" upon the latter's realization that he was not really the same entity as his son despite having an identical appearance and sharing the deceased boy's memories. Astro was sold to a cruel robot circus from which he was soon after rescued by the kind Professor Ochanomizu (whose name varies in multiple other adaptations), in whose care he has many subsequent adventures which are generally far more lighthearted than his depressing origins.

Within his home country, Astro Boy is considered the most famous Japanese cartoon character of all time, on par with Mickey Mouse's reputation among western animation, but he is far less popular in the English–speaking world.


Don't you call me friend, Rock; you will address me as "master".

When it comes to robo–heroes, I'm the Omega Factor!

I'm astronomical, the god of manga's favored pride and joy,

And you've got as much chance of beating me as Robot Boy!

Royal rodent of the West, come face the far–east Mickey Mouse;

Not even Thor's gonna stop me when I bring down your Acorn House!

Seems we're alike in at least one way: not afraid to go around shirtless,

But girl, I'm in the robot hall of fame, you belong in a furry circus!

I'm the Pinocchio of Sci-Fi, and that's no lie; screw you AI!

Such intense focus on this rhythym, it's as if I had a third eye.

I freely fly across the sky; don't need no doggy adaptor.

Got a heart of gold that doubles as a nuclear reactor.

Had so many different series, it's confusing just to list them,

And I'll hurl you way past Pluto, in to a whole different star system!

Sacrificed myself to save the sun, long before Cillain Murphy did

Go back to reading bedtime stories Sally; you're not worthy kid.

Ask anyone in Niiza, where my name's duly enshrined:

The mighty atom simply can't be smashed, even by Albert Rothstein!


  • He is the second backup rapper to slightly diss the person they are ostensibly assisting, after Gendo Ikari.