Anguirus assisted Godzilla in battling Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame and Flandre Scarlet in Reimu Hakurei Vs. Godzilla. He was voiced by Molemanninethousand.

Information on the Rapper

Anguirus is a dinosaur-like monster created by Toho and appearing in several films of the Godzilla franchise, debuting as Godzilla's opponent in the series' second film Godzilla Raids Again (1955) and therefore being the franchise's second-ever monster and Godzilla's first-ever opponent close to his own size. Despite being Godzilla's enemy and being killed by him in his first appearance, Anguirus appears in later films being characterized as Godzilla's friend, most notably tag-teaming with him in Godzilla Vs. Gigan.


Verse 1:

What do you want? Oh, yeah; that's right:

The monster king's calling upon his man–at–arms to join the fight,

And he's backing up these words he's barking with one helluva bite,

Thorny carapace and hide imperishable as the night!

I'm one repugnant, Battra–shit insane, ass–kicking Ankylosaur;

Redundant brains to keep me ticking, and a Super Metroid roar.

The first apprentice to the master of the art of destruction,

Butting heads with Big G way back since his second production!

Full–time Killer of the Living, and I need no fancy gimmicks:

Simple, solid strength; no trickery Marisa can mimic.

We'll take you to the farthest place down from your "Fantasy Heaven";

Screw "Bullet Hell": our kind comes straight from Dante's Circle Seven!

Giant monsters go all–out when we attack; no holds are barred.

We'll play 52 Pickup with your deck of Spell Cards!

You girls may think you're vicious, table–turning killers like Hard Candy,

But step up to any kaiju, and you'll end up like Bambi!

Verse 2:

Not even sure if she's a girl; that kind of tactic takes balls.

Plus, bringing up "clowns"? That's biting more than I could chew;

I've got three words for this "trump card" of yours: RAN RAN RUU!