Anastasia battled Ralph Bakshi, Fritz the Cat and Avatar the Wizard alongside Don Bluth, Mrs. Brisby and Charlie Barkin in Ralph Bakshi Vs Don Bluth. She was voiced byAnna Valenzuela.

Information on the rapperEdit



Yo, let's journey to the past; to Russia, early 20th Century,

Where the Bolshe- …I mean Rasputin's slain the royal clan, 'cept for me!

The avenger of my family and of Charlie's ticket sales,

This best princess from any non-mouse house is here, and kicking tail!

A DNA test will confirm it: Anya's schtick ain't no con's play.

I'll stomp on you until you're shattered; Heartlessly so, like Kanye!

I took flight from the Communist curse once upon a July,

but I'll steadfastly see through this fight,

Letting loose haunting words to get your bodies tossing and turning in bed in the dark of the-

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