Aku battled The Once-ler, Garrosh Hellscream, T. E. Lawrence, Remy LeBeau and Julian Robotnik in Moleman's Epic Rap Battles News. He was voiced by TheLegion.

Information on the RapperEdit



And on this very date in time, and right upon this very spot,

I, Aku, unleashed an unspeakably dope verse, and spat it hot!

It's no tea party when I show: I'm one far cry from Zuko's buddy;

Twenty-Sixteen marks my rebirth with free rein to make things bloody!

Ask the dinosaurs how hard I shake things up when I appear;

I'm just about the only shadow that it's sensible to fear!

You've not a fragment of the strength of this fragment of utter darkness;

Earth's worst scourge since birth, my name attests: I'm pure evil incarnate!

Making moot your petty feud like I did border immigration,

I'll troll Garrosh harder than when they selected his replacement!

What my fairy stories lack, I compensate for with these rhymes;

Try stepping to me, and your tales will end as sadly as X9's!

Even Aku's Achoo's a hazard! Now, I could just kill you losers,

But I've heard Hellscream likes time-warps, and so: have fun in the future!

There, that takes care of those buffoons, at least for the time being;

now, as I, being the actual host of this video, have been meaning to say: Moleman's Epic Rap Battles is on the rise yet again, with an all-new batch of battles featuring such characters as Dea

Oh dear… I guess all those years of being off the air really have taken their toll

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